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Horoscope for August 2016


August supports us in separate activities. Although summer months offer many informal social events such as collective barbecue, visiting friends, afternoon picnics and evening dance parties, August is a little bit hermitic month. It's quite surprising, but we can sometimes feel alone, all the more so we seek for a company. But be careful, excessive desire to meet other people needn’t pay off. Definitely this month we do not recommend starting new relationships. Vacation and holidays tempt us to be carefree, but we should be prudent especially in relationships. August can also surprise us by the unexpected denouement of some malfunctioning relationships. It is possible that we suddenly break up with a partner, although we thought that this relationship will last for some time. It will be a relief for us. August is favorable for cleaning especially in private premises. Therefore, use rainy days to organize things in the apartment or house. It is also the time to detoxify the body after a carefree July. You have surely experienced a period of excessive eating and drinking lately and you might have tried exotic delicacies as well. Even though you may sometimes feel isolated, it's not a bad thing. This month helps deeper reflection on our own actions and provides an opportunity to understand some of the people that we have been passing so far. It could be the beginning of the path to happiness, to which you have been waiting for a very long time.