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Horoscope for July 2016


July is a month that supports individual work and individual approach to solving problems. Therefore, do not be afraid to start separate projects, you will be mostly successful with greater vigilance. In July, they are sometimes large temperature differences, so pay attention to what you eat. Since this is the month during which most people are on holidays, be careful what you drink and eat. You should rather eat less meat, especially fried food. Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages and meat, combined with changes in temperature and a relaxed atmosphere on holiday, could affect your judgment and you could easily damage relationships with your family and friends. Keep in mind that your surroundings appreciate tactful behavior and you become the favorite. Tactless behavior, even regarding successful people, causes displeasure and discomfort. July is the month when we do more sport activities, but you should always consider your age and actual weather conditions. If you neglect sport and exercise throughout the year, you will not make up for it in July. Conversely, you could get hurt and thus ruin the whole summer.