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Horoscope for June 2016


June is a month of large fluctuations. We can expect dramatic changes in the weather, in society and in our moods and feelings. This month has a significant effect on our psyche and thus on the reasoning and decision making. It supports us in physical activities, but forcing us to spiritual work and patience. Because it is a month of large fluctuations, you should follow a rational view of the world and look at the events and your loved ones based on your experience. Do not succumb to momentary moods. In June you should expect unrest and conflicts, but try to deal with them calmly and without emotion. There are things that cannot be decided now, just try to think about them. Do not get into conflicts because this month they are easily formed and afterwards they are hard to be settled. Be more conciliatory and do not set at defiance immediately. Try to perceive events with a larger perspective, everyone has to experience difficult moments because the life and fate is just like that. Be prudent when making decisions. Do not follow any risky diet, not every woman needs to look like a supermodel. But be careful of what you eat and watch your weight.