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Horoscope for May 2016


May is a pleasant month since spring is in full blossom and this positively affects us and the entire neighborhood. May supports well-being, falling in love and family life. In the first quarter we will have a chance to develop spiritual activity in the good sense, but also physical activity will not be foreign to us. It is the right time for various trips. The second quarter gives us a space for individual activities and work. If you have a variety of plans, begin to implement them. May is favorable to work and deeds. The third quarter will be a little more challenging, some tasks will begin to accumulate and it will seem to us that the things are getting out of our control. But be persistent, May gives us strength and patience. To be balanced, we should enjoy a lot of movement. Especially if we were a little bit lazy in winter. The last quarter will be focused on travelling and business. Do not hesitate to conclude trade agreements and take longer business trips. They should be successful. Expect a period favorable to earning money. Do not be afraid of it, it allows us to enjoy a variety of activities.