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Horoscope for March 2016


Early March of this year has a chance to bring out an extraordinary activity in us. The first quarter of the month will be perfect for all kinds of activities. We are able to achieve perfect results almost in all fields and activities. Provided, however, that we remain calm and do not yield to the disruptive effects of emotions. In this period, the number seven is growing from the number three and four, which is a condition that leads to perfection. The one, who will be at this stage ready and settled, will also do well at work and family, and his creative projects will be successful. People, who will not be in this period sufficiently balanced, sensitive and empathetic, can expect great upheavals and dramatic changes. Although March will encourage us in physical activity, we should forget the word "I have to". Start acting spontaneously. The second quarter of March will be favorable for individual work, which will be more successful than working in a team. Individual attitudes and pushing through your own views will have really good response. In this period, it is worth making own decisions. Third quarter of the month is great for travelling and adventure events. In this period we will be feeling good, can handle even the most demanding tasks and can take the risk. In the last quarter of the month, we have the opportunity to set about financial transactions, launch into trading and contracting. With good performance we can expect advancement in employment, obtaining new, more advantageous position and improvement in financial matters. But the influx of positive energy should not be lulled into believing that everything goes like clockwork. For example, you have to be careful while driving, especially when you driving fast.