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Horoscope for December 2015


December is a special month, which makes us work harder and gives us the urge to finish the work and immediately get into another. It tends to impose on us the fact that we are obliged to do something. It is therefore good this month to look at challenges from multiple angles. On one side, we can see that it is good to do that work, but on the other hand we should hinder ourselves that there are things which we do not have to do. There is no reason why we should be exhausted and fall into depression. Therefore, let's be careful in December and try to get things done without undue stress and excessive fatigue. Not everything needs to be perfect, though there is no time for it. You should rather show other people that you take activities which you enjoy. Use your free time for visiting Christmas concerts, meetings with friends and family. After all, December is not the month in which we have to manage all the cleaning, do only necessary things, but do not overdo it. In the last quarter of the month you should spend your time with creating peaceful environment for you and for your close relatives. Moreover, this part of the month is favorable for travelling and financial transactions. At work you will be admired if you give out positive energy and if you are nice to your colleagues.