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Horoscope for October 2015


In October we can expect a lot of work, because this month will be disposed to work activity. It may happen that there will be so much work that we won’t be able to manage it. Then it will come to light how we can organize it. October encourages independent work and working alone will be favorable for us as well. With the support of individual activity we will do well planned and immediate projects, especially in the first quarter of the month. In the second quarter of October we will be successful in projects that we deal with separately. This time is also favorable for spending time without other people. We alone will work better and plan for the future. We better sort out our thoughts. In the third quarter of the month there will still be a lot of work, but it is worth relaxing for a while and doing some sport. We'll have enough energy for both sport activities and our work. But we must be prepared for the moment when our superiors want us to work even more, but it is important to keep our rhythm and not overdo it. What we don’t do one day, can be done another day. Do not lose your heart, the October strain certainly eases up. The last quarter is positive for the time that we spend alone or in small groups. This month we can already start with cleansing our body after summer. Our whole environment already perceives the arrival of autumn and winter, although daytime temperatures are still very high.