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Horoscope for September 2015


The month of September supports individuality and activeness. Feel free to start with individual activities and you will not even need the help of partners or colleagues. You will see that this will be easy for you. September is a little different month than the summer months which were social and suitable for team or couple activities. September will help us to feel physically and mentally well. Some people will be endowed with wisdom and serenity. And this applies even to younger people. However, if someone is alone and feels lonely, September is not the best month for familiarization. On the other hand – the one, who will be fine and will feel confidently, should have no qualms about starting a new relationship. The month of September gives us more confidence, especially in dating. Overall, this month is appropriate for us to work more on our personality. And it would not harm, if you, within health, slowly start with a fall detox cleanse.