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Horoscope for July 2015


July brings the typical summer weather, which can have a steady progression, but also large fluctuations accompanied by strong storms. A similar effect has this month on human relations and events. After a quite calm period dramatic moments may come, but they must be solved with great patience. It is important to perceive even minor signs and read between the lines, which can help overcome the disagreements or misunderstandings. Do not solve everything too fast, but rather perceive the so-called “messengers of strange coincidence” that can alert you that something can be done and solved differently. Just as strange feeling in your stomach should make you think about what you are doing and whether everything is as it should be. July is also suitable for important decisions, however, before you make a final decision, be always careful and think again about the other side's feelings. It is possible that this side is guided by different motives than it shows. July is good for physical activities, but think of your condition. Remember, things need to be kept in proportion.