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Newsletter and horoscope for February 2015


Do you want to know what we have improved in order to be successful at dating? News is, for example, referred to sending email messages or fast access to Users profiles. We also advice you on how not to get discouraged when looking for partners.

1. Sharing contact information. You often ask us if you can share your contact information with other users or whether it is not a violation of the Terms of the website. Yes, it is possible. If you purchase the Premium dating agency and you are reaching potential users through our Mail, you can share your contact information. It is not allowed to state your contact information, i.e. email or phone number, or state a link to social networks in a nickname or in the text of the advertisement at your own Profile. See Terms of the website NoCoincidence.eu, User responsibilities and conditions of use of services, point no. 4.

2. Email messages about new users. Messages about new users have been coordinated with the system of search filters. New users, who have not yet created a search filter, were sometimes surprised when they were receiving many messages about new users every day. Now messages about new users will be sent only after the user sets the search filter for the first time. The system remembers the last setting according to which new users will be filtered. Of course, you can change your search filter anytime you want. After changing the filter, always be sure that you have clicked on the Search button above, to make the change happen.

3. Fast access to the Profile of the new user. If you have received a message about new user through email, you could see his profile by one click only if you were logged in at the same time. If you have not been logged in, you had to go through several steps to see the new Profile. We thus have simplified this feature so that you can see a new user only by one click, even if you are not logged in. The window with the website NoCoincidence.eu will be automatically opened.

4. Pre-selection through the ELLA method. Some users seem that they are receiving fewer messages from users compared to other dating sites. It is for the reason that offers of potential partners are filtered through a mathematical method ELLA. This method is already making a pre-selection instead of you and recommends you potential partners who have mutual suitability of around 70%. Of course, you can address users of our dating agency who have suitability, for example, of 40, 50, or 60%, but the chance that you will understand each other and that you will create a meaningful relationship, will be significantly lower. Our dating agency that pairs off users by the date of birth and similar characteristics, recommends potential partners with mutual suitability of around 70%. Therefore, you may feel that you are addressed by a smaller number of users. But these users will be those for whom there is a much greater potential of a long-term working relationship. Our method is verified by more than ten years of experience and we know that it works.

5. Address even little active users. When viewing profiles of some potential partners, you can notice that they have not visited a dating agency for several weeks or even months. Are you wondering whether it is worth addressing them at all? Yes, it is. The date on their profile means only their latest activity on the website, but they can develop communication via email or phone. If they purchased a Premium dating agency, they have the opportunity to reach more users through webmail and give them their personal information. But they certainly do not give up the chance of getting acquainted with other potential partner, especially when they have a high percentage of mutual suitability with him. Do not worry and address such a user as well. Be active during meeting people. You need to meet good fortune half way. 

6. Horoscope for February 2015 

February is the confident month, which supports our desire to start solving our problems. The year 2015 will be full of energy and we need to take advantage of this as soon as possible. The first quarter will be very beneficial for finding right solutions even for long-term issues. This month gives us a lot of chances in order to be able to bring the matters to a successful conclusion. The first quarter will be favorable to financial transactions and managerial decision-making. The second quarter will encourage us to individual action and we thus can do a lot of useful work. The third quarter may slightly hinder us, because it will release our negative feelings, but this will not last for a long time. We will not be under so much pressure in order not to be able to handle it and continue in a positive activity. Last February quarter will again return us to our active lives and support our individual efforts.

Thank you for your feedback. Thanks to it, we can develop a friendly environment of our website, which helps you find partners for your future coexistence.

Tea Heřmánková, founder of a Dating agency by the date of birth