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The June newsletter


We are glad that we can inform you about some novelties that enhance the safety and reliability of our dating website NoCoincidence.eu and at the same time specify the conditions of the profile settings.

1. Authorization profile. Each of our user can create only one profile that is authorized free of charge via SMS. It is a signal to other users that we are interested in serious dating and we do not support the practice of other dating websites, where you can often find the same user under different profiles.

2. Photo at each profile. We require real photos, but we respect the fact when someone doesn’t want to show his photo on the home page, to which also unregistered users have access. There are now three display modes. The photo can be shown to all users, or only to those who have shown their photo as well, or only to selected users. For all other users photo is blurred. We refuse the practice, when real personal photos are replaced by different images and are tasteless and vulgar. We have found out that the one, who is interested in serious dating, provides on his profile real and serious photos in very good quality by himself.

3. Dress code of profile photos. Our constant endeavor is to refine profile photos. We therefore introduce a so-called Website dress code or a certain standard how the photo should look like on a personal profile of our Dating agency. Inappropriate photographs, such as snapshots half naked, poses in lingerie, singlet or with a drink in hand will be rejected and deleted. Principles of good photography are listed HERE.

4. Improved search filter. On the Dating agency – searching for partners you can specify various parameters for selecting the ideal partner, such as age, height, education or the birth sign. Partners can be also searched from two regions simultaneously. This filter is used not only for an instant searching in a Dating agency, but also for sending email messages when a new user, who meets these criteria, appears in a Dating agency. However, this feature - sending via email - can be easily disabled. But from our experience it implies that the one, who is really interested in dating, finds this feature particularly useful.

Your Tea Heřmánková, NoCoincidence.eu